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download game cheat codes

How to Find and Download Game Cheat Codes

In the world of electronic video games, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the subject – how to downlaod game cheat codes. Video games have advanced from two-dimensional action to perfect 3D worlds that can be created by players.

Realism has increased to such an extent that it is often difficult to distinguish at a glance the differences between an image rendered in a video game and the real one. However, one thing that has remained constant in video games is the tricks, codes and Easter eggs. But what exactly are they? And where can you download game cheat codes? Is it good or bad? This article answers all.

What Are Cheat Codes?

A cheat code is a combination of buttons or a password that triggers an event or effect within a video game. Cheats can be as simple as adding ammo to a weapon, or increasing the health of a character, or changing the character to a completely different one.

Easter egg is a hidden surprise within the game (the history of the earliest Easter egg is unknown), but the game developers continue to integrate them to the video games and the players seem to enjoy exploring to find how to download game cheat codes.

What Is A Cheating Device?

In addition to the tricks that can be introduced through a controller or keyboard, there are also cheat devices. These pieces of hardware or software are made exclusively to help players after they download game cheat codes, to enter cheat codes or modify game content.

Is To Download Game Cheat Codes Safe?

The tricks and codes are used by players all over the world, and in general, they are completely safe for the system and game they are using. Manually using a cheat code during gameplay will enable a part of the built-in code of the game to attain the desired effect (i.e. invincibility).

However, there are times when care must be taken when enabling a cheat code. Cheat codes which requires to download game cheat codes or the use of downloadable files are particularly risky because only the person who made the additional code knows exactly what is being done when you use the file. Of course, you don’t hear many horror stories about a cheater that spoils someone’s system, so you’re probably safe.

It is important to keep in mind that when you download game cheat codes and use the code, either by entering it or using a patch, can make the game unstable. The most likely effect will be the inability to save your game correctly. Whenever there is a risk involved, it is generally made clear to the player in the individual cheat Website.

What Systems Have Cheat Codes?

Almost all created video game systems can use a trick code in one way or another. There is a wide range of systems and titles that cover the most popular consoles and portable devices, such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, which you can download game cheat codes for any of the game platforms.

Why Is It Possible To Cheat In Games?

You want to cheat easily in Android or iPhone games, know that it is now possible to find reliable and functional sites to download game cheat codes easily. It should be known that before many websites offered fake generators online, or fake cheats software supposedly generate unlimited resources in Android and iPhone games. But, there are websites which are legit and inform passionate game players about available cheat codes, and how to download game cheat codes; this article mentions the list of websites offering real solutions for unlimited resources in mobile games.

Cheat Codes for Mobile Games

A lot of gamers are currently searching the internet for methods or techniques to download game cheat codes in Android and iPhone games. You should know that it is very difficult to get this kind of software because a lot of people are looking for online generators or cheat software. Many websites offer tips or methods to simply download game cheat codes in mobile video games but very often they find an online generator which doesn’t work. We will see together why they do not work and we have detailed the best techniques to download game cheat codes and simply cheat on Android and iPhone. It should already be known that cheat software works primarily on a flaw or on a method that can inject software code to generate resources is unlimited. As updates are made, developers will fix this flaw to prevent players from cheating.

How To Cheat In Mobile Video Games?

To cheat in mobile video games, it’s very simple, you have to find a website that offers a real functional and especially legal tip or to download game cheat codes. We did this search for you, and we advise all cheaters: the legal tips are based on a very simple concept, so you can download game cheat codes and the use cheating techniques everywhere but especially after updates. It’s very difficult to find internet sites minus those we have listed to help you easily find a site offering real cheat technique, functional trick or virus website to download game cheat codes. For example, if you want to cheat in the latest Pokemon games or royal clash you should know this website offers solutions to download game cheat codes and get unlimited gold coins from gems. It all depends on the game you want, it is always possible to get unlimited resources but guides or tutorials to generate these resources are more complex than online generators.

How To Download Game Cheat Codes Safe, Easter Eggs, Walkthroughs And Video Game Trainers

Stuck in a game? Do not worry, it happens even in the easiest games, and although the difficulty of games has declined over the years it is still possible to find a video game difficult enough to have to look for cheat websites of guides and download game cheat codes.

As it is a pity that you throw in the towel and leave the game parked on the shelf forever, today we want to show you some options to download game cheat codes and guides for your favorite video games;

  • Use a Cheat Code Forum: There are many forums out there that can help you find codes and download game cheat codes. On the forums, there are also “Easter Eggs” (Special Hidden Objects, etc.) and where to find them.
  • Use YouTube: YouTube usually has many video walkthroughs from almost every game. Just search for the walkthrough (game name), follow link to download game cheat codes.
  • Read A Walkthrough: Many cheat sites offer the ability to download game cheat codes, “Easter eggs”, etc. as well as complete walkthroughs of your game.
  • Try The Keyboard Shortcut: Usually, cheat code boxes appear after pressing a combination of two or more keys (e.g., in the Sims, the keycode is Ctrl Shift C). You’ll notice that Ctrl (the control key, the command for Mac) is often used with another key to open cheat boxes after you’ve download game cheat codes. While this method is cumbersome, you can discover the box yourself (some players pay for cheats!). Now you just have to guess a code. Codes are either name of programmers or developers, or they can be a phrase that describes what they are doing (e.g., unlimited ammo). Note: Most cheats do not contain spaces, if you normally download game cheat codes, you should already be accustomed to this.
  • Use A Trainer: A trainer is a program that you execute while the game is running, giving you special features without the need for cheats. You can find some websites that provide the ability to download game cheat codes in the sources provided. Coaches usually only work with games that you install on your computer, not online games.
  • Use Google: Using Google or other search engine provides a wealth of information. Simply Google (Game Name) cheats or similar and you will receive millions of hits. Take a look around. Most results on the first page will likely be a link to a cheat code page, where you can download game cheat codes.


download game cheat codes

The Best Cheat Code Websites To Find Cheats

Video games are already challenges; it’s what makes them interesting. From old games like the 8-bit to the famous online multiplayer games even social media-based games like Facebook’s Farmville—cheats are inbred in the gaming world.

Our parents always told us that fraud is a great sin. However, those who ensure we download game cheat codes aren’t video game players. Considering the number of websites where cheat codes are stored and ensures to download game cheat codes, it would be wrong to say memorizing, remembering all cheat codes, and using it appropriately in each game is a skill—it’s very impossible.

Love to use or hate them, here are the websites to find and download game cheat codes;


GameFAQs is the Bible of the guides. This is a wiki-style page where users offer their guides and cheat lists so others can use them. Just look for the game and choose from one of the many options (of different users) that are uploaded on the page.

They are not conventional guides, it is not a simple walk through the game but huge texts in which every detail of the game and its main and secondary objectives are told so you can complete it 100% without messing up—a great way to download game cheat codes.

Cheat Codes

The CAPTCHA-protected entry is annoying, but moreover, is one of the most popular cheat code pages in the area. Since 1996, this website catalogues all, so the width and depth are pretty impressive. The site is neatly subdivided by the gaming platforms – from PC games to Nintendo 3DS. Many of the cheats were submitted by users themselves. You can view the game details and download game cheat codes. one of the most popular cheat code sites in the area. Since 1996, this website catalogues all, so the width and depth are pretty impressive. The site is neatly subdivided by the gaming platforms – from PC games to Nintendo 3DS. Many of the cheats were submitted by users themselves. You can view the game details and download game cheat codes.

Cheat Happens is a special website about cheats and PC coaches. It also includes match reports, wallpapers, tutorials, and a message board. The website has been online since 2002 and offers a mix of free and premium offerings. Premium members receive the first place at some of the in-house cheats and coaches that will be released later, which they can download game cheat codes. Cheat happens also features a cheats glossary and coach tutorials under its resources.

Games Radar

Games Radar is first and foremost a game review and news site with various resources such as game guides, buy tips, walkthroughs and of course a section for game cheats. You can search for them alphabetically or by the platform. The website Games Radar encompasses all major gaming platforms and even Sega Saturn games. Games Radar also lists unlockable games when the main games have one (or fewer). You can download game cheat codes here too.

Super Cheats

If the previous one was more focused on the guides, here what we find is a complete repository of tricks and codes for almost any game, whether from old consoles, current or even mobile games or Facebook.

In addition to focusing on games, they also have a section designed to help with technical problems of consoles or PCs. After all, it is no use explaining how to overcome a game if you are not even able to install it.

The page, launched in 1999, includes walkthroughs, an advanced question and answer feature that gives players exactly the game-help they need, and a set of extensive guides to top games. The website is arranged according to gaming platforms (from PS3 to SNES) ensuring it is easy to find the content. You can also access the Most Popular and Recent lists. They have a huge list, the only PC channel has about 5201 cheats and about 2002 walkthroughs. Overall, the site offers 10,432 games, 2,002 walkthroughs on all platforms, which you can also download game cheat codes.

Game Winners

The site’s cheat codes archive covers about 56 platforms from the old gaming days to the current crop of today, each featuring how to download game cheat codes for the games. Their library includes; hints, codes, and also includes FAQs, approach guides, as well as GameShark, CodeBreaker, and Action Replay codes. The site is very simple and functional, but the information seems to be very extensive at first glance. The listing is in the style of a directory.

Game Spot

Game Spot is part of a larger group of media properties and focuses on game reviews. The site has channels for every important gaming platform, though social games like those on Facebook are absent and the number of cheaters, albeit selective. Each game features a dedicated page with a list of unlockable items, secrets, cheats, and Easter eggs, and more sweetly, you can download game cheat codes for your favorite games.

Mega Games

Cheats, coaches, demos, patches, mods, emulators, fixes etc. are the content of this site. 9000 different games are presented on the website with the ability to download game cheat codes for some games. The focus of the hardcore gaming resource is on PC and console games.


This games and entertainment website contain cheats for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, 3DS, PSP & iPhone games as well as video game reviews, news, interviews and previews. The site is at the top level of its genre and is very neatly organized, with each title getting its wiki. The cheats are explained in more detail and feature blog-style in their description. Most cheats are submitted by users with the ability to download game cheat codes.

Game Cheats

The websites have about 13000 games and boast of the most comprehensive list of the most famous cheats codes. Classic games, even the Nokia N-Gage games are covered. You can go to the forum to find out more cheat codes and ask questions like where to download game cheat codes that you specifically need and can’t find.

download game cheat codes

Chapter Cheats

Chapter Cheats is similar to the appearance of some of the top pages. The database is arranged by upcoming games, top games, walkthroughs and the latest cheats. The website also has a comprehensive Q & A area covering all your gaming requests. Each game has its page and you can read about unlockable games, ability to download game cheat codes and other game-related options.

Cheat Code Central

It started as a cheat page that tried to collect both the current and retro game tricks, however, the arduous competition in this sector forced them to open a little more their radius of action and also offer analyzes and previews of upcoming releases. It is not better than the previous one, but it can ensure you download game cheat codes if you don’t find what you are looking for.

Game Cheats Good or Bad

In the old days, cheats were a good thing, but today they are a shadowy existence. Blame is chargeable to nerds who take our hobby too seriously.

Digital Doping: Wall Hacks, Aim Bots, Map Hacks and Co. are a big problem especially in competitive games.

You should not lump all the cheaters together. For example, some scammers gain advantage in multiplayer games and from my point of view, not nice. It shows a lousy character when someone contests online shooter with Wall Hack and Aim-Bot. If my cheat affects other players, it’s inexcusable.

The Freemium principle is very popular in mobile games. The game itself is free, but to move forward, you have to pay. Good that you can find cheats and hacks on the net for almost every trendy mobile game that can help you save money.

Many mobile games are free, but to play faster in the game or level up your character, you need to buy energy, coins, or other similar currencies for real money in the games shop. Many players do not want that, so they search the net for hacks and easy way to download game cheat codes for games like Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery free energy or The Simpsons: Springfield Free Donuts.

Generators In The Gaming World

All you have to do is look for your game in combination with the search phrase “hacks” or “cheats” and you will already find YouTube videos or websites promoting “Free” in-game currency. These often lead to so-called generators. These are supposed to generate the desired amount of in-game currency on your gaming account. You just need to only put your username. But beware! Mostly these are dubious offers that you can expose within a few minutes as a forgery. Thus, the sites often do not have a legal imprint or a Whois query to the owner of the domain only provides fake names, addresses and weird phone numbers.

You should also be suspicious if you download more apps or visit other websites to prove to cheat developers that you are human and not a bot before you download game cheat codes. We advise you, therefore: Stay away from such offers! Because there is a danger here to capture malware, to fall into a phishing attack cannot be ruled out because your username is queried.

Manipulated Android APKs

Another way to manipulate a game in your favour is to install a modified version of the game on Android. These are not available on Google Play, but you have to download game cheat codes and install a so-called “APK file” for it, which is not without risk, as they are sometimes provided with malware.

Accordingly, you should be careful, and also on the Android smartphone use a virus scanner. While it is possible that a programmer created a working hack, stay alert.

Video Games Cheat Code FAQ


What Is A Cheat Code, and Is it Meant to Download Game Cheat Codes Safe?

The cheat codes are tips that allow video game players to acquire superpowers, new lives or unlock scenes, characters. Also called ” tips ” or ” walkthroughs ” the cheat codes, are instructions to enter a program video game to change the content.

The player, by entering these codes, can acquire superpowers, infinite lives, incredible gifts or unlock scenes, characters, hidden or inaccessible accessories.

Do Game Developers Support It?

Game developers provide codes when designing games for technical or marketing purposes.

“All games have cheat codes, says the publisher Mindscape, they are then broadcast more or less publicly. At Mindscape we do not mind if they are used to facilitate or enhance the game.”

At Konami, one of the first publishers to have proposed this process, these codes” allow to browse a game of a world to another and go to the basics “.

What Are These Tips For?

Why do your children use these codes? Simply to win more easily or faster a game console, PC or network.

They are even sometimes necessary to complete a game, as a kind of the last puzzle provided by the developers. They also bring new elements into the game. For example, your child can unlock afro hairstyles in a specific mode by performing a series of very specific instructions.

Above all, they allow you to enjoy all the elements of a game without having completed all the stages. An important asset for the youngest who can thus have fun more easily.

download game cheat codes

Does My Child Have The Right To Use Cheat Codes?

These tips are legal. But in official network gaming contests, they are considered cheating and forbidden. A code allowing, for example, to become invisible in the online game Counter-Strike distorts the game and is not very appreciated by “real” players.

As long as you cheat in the quiet little room to manipulate the single-player experience, there is no problem. Do you still remember the key sequence »ABACABB«? This enabled the blood to activate in the mega-drive version of Mortal Kombat. Without this cheat, the game would have been only half as much fun. In Konami’s International Superstar Soccer there was again a code that turned the referee into dogs. That was completely stupid and that’s why it was so funny.

Why Is There Hardly Any Such Thing Left In Today’s Games?

Level-Skip or God-Mode cheats do not interest us, because gambling without challenge is boring. We mainly download game cheat codes and use them to avoid annoying restrictions. For example, the item limit in Fallout 4 was animal to us on the pointer. we were always busy travelling to any crates on the other end of the map to empty my pockets. Similarly, the cleaning of weapons in Metro Exodus is unpleasant.

There used to be a lot of cheats to change costume colors or unlock special weapons. Today, this is only possible in the form of chargeable in-game items. That’s probably the main reason for the creeping death of the classic cheat codes. Why should you allow players to unlock certain items, weapons, or costumes with a cheat code if you can ask for money? In the remake of Resident Evil 2, you can free up bonus content such as costumes, weapons and much more or buy for 4.99 USD. Unlock by cheat code? None. If I remember correctly, this bad habit began with the horror shooter Clive Barker’s Jericho. At that time (2007) I was really angry because you were shamelessly asked to pay for the in-game cheats.

Ways Out Of Misery

PC players use so-called trainer software, but the game players have to do more work, manipulate their scores on the PC or Mac and transfer it via USB stick. Systems like Xploder also use this detour and additionally offer extensive cheat databases. Problem: It does not always work and games with online connectivity are a big problem. Therefore, we were not surprised that the Xploder since 31.12.2018 is no longer officially sold. But you can still find remainders at numerous dealers.

Why Should You Allow Players To Unlock Certain Items, Weapons, Or Costumes With A Cheat Code?

As already mentioned, to download game cheat codes and use for PC cheat is much easier. Numerous portals offer free cheat software, however, especially the laity often catch malware because they trust dodgy sources. Also, you quickly lose track of when multiple games are simultaneously gambled and this, even receive regular updates. This is where paid providers such as MegaDev or Cheat Happens come into play.

The MegaTrainer by MegaDev is a super comfortable tool. You do not have to individually download game cheat codes because everything runs directly through the client software. You can even start your games directly from the client. The thing is very clear and fast, but it sometimes happened during a test run that cheats were not immediately available for the release of a particular game chapter. In the case of Ace Combat 7, it took three days for the cheat to be published. Also, the software of Cheat Happens usually functions more in-depth. This is especially in games that offer a variety of player attributes and a certain variety of items, benefit from it. The quality of each coach is so at Cheat Happens higher, they must be downloaded individually.

Comfort Vs. Comfort Functionality

MegaTrainer is a simpler and much more comfortable Plug & Play solution, while Cheat Happens offers more options. A premium annual membership costs $ 39.95 at Cheat Happens, and the MegaTrainer Gold account is available for $ 40. Bronze and Silver accounts are cheaper but offer limited access to the Trainer Database. If you like to make your cheat code software, you can also download the CoSMOS tool from Cheat Happens.

Many gamers demonize Cheats and cheat software because they do not consider the issue sufficiently differentiated. As long as cheaters do not sneak up trophies/achievements or dominate multiplayer battles, you should not see it all that tight. At the end of the day, we cheaters are just human!

Types of Video Game Cheats (Hacks)

Not every video or computer game supports cheats on its release. These games that don’t support cheating earlier on makes cheating a bit tricky. Hackers who are familiar with programming languages might have to look at the games programming and tweak it to create cheats. However, for the non-hackers, you’ll just need to wait for the skills of hackers to develop shortcuts and make us able to download game cheat codes.

Hacks are available in different varieties as there are games of different varieties. Video game hacks which are also known as trainers. Some video game hacks to ensure that the player can make changes to the game character which they control, making it either invincible or stronger. However, some video game hacks make changes to the video game world. You might need to download game cheat codes or run a secondary application while playing the game to activate the trainer. Some game hacks (trainer) will alter the code of the game and might permanently become part of the game. When this happens, loading the game loads up the trainer equally.

Many websites have trainer codes created to ensure you cheat at games. However, you’ll need to ensure carefulness on your path when you aim to download game cheat codes—most trainers are computer viruses in disguise. You should look for reviews and comments from past users of a trainer. It’s also great if you can get the trainer on different websites and read multiple reviews about it. This ensures that you don’t download a malicious software disguising as a trainer. Also, note that legitimate hacks can equally freeze a game or make unplayable.

Console Hack

It’s harder to create trainers or hacks for console systems than for computer-based games. That’s no brainer because most consoles are closed devices which use proprietary media. However, a determined hacker can bypass these obstacles, but it’ll surely consume lots of skill and time to appropriately get it done. Getting this done most times means that the hacker has voided the warranty placed on the game console.


download game cheat codes

Cheating with Game Hardware

There are many game trainers and available sites to download game cheat codes for computer games but there isn’t much for video game consoles. This is because almost all video game consoles are closed devices as we mentioned above. Hackers normally take advantage of hacks on a video game console without making physical adjustments to the game console itself. Creating game hacks usually requires a special CD for CD-based consoles or an extra piece of hardware for cartridge-based consoles.

Cartridge-based video games are exceptionally hard to hack. It’s game developers hardcoded the games into a physical game cartridge. The video games are also in ROM—Read-only memory format. This means that it’s very hard to alter the code without the use of a special tool and a top understanding of the programming.

That lead to the invention of devices like Game Genie. Companies like Codemasters invented the Game Genie line of cartridge cheat systems. These devices are used by simply plugging a game cartridge into one end of the Game Genie and then plug the game genie into the game console. The company Codemasters made available several different game console cheats.

The ideology behind the Game Genie is an intelligent one: it intercepts the communications between the game cartridge and the console. The game player has to input a specific code upon startup to activate his needed specific cheat function. The Game Genie then alters the data coming from the game cartridge to spawn the desired effect making the Game Genie behave like a hack. To ice the cake, the Game Genie isn’t altering the cartridge’s data thereby eliminating the risk of ruining the game code.

Game consoles that make use of CDs instead of cartridges are different. For these, a CD that loads a few lines of code into the games memory is entered before removing and replacing the disc with the main game disc. Some systems require the player use a solid-state memory stick in line with the cheat CD.

Today, there’s a lesser need for hardware cheats since almost all game developers include cheat codes within the game itself. The cheats we’ve discussed in this article section are mostly for the single-player game experience. Some people who think that cheating is bad would say you’re cheating on yourself if you make use of the above techniques.

Genies And Sharks

The Game Genie wasn’t the only cartridge-based cheat system. There existed another famous cheat system at the height of the cartridge game era and that was the GameShark.

Online Video Game Cheating

Cheating against a computer is harmless but what about cheating against other people? The online gaming multi-player community are popular and features a huge audience, though some of the game players in that audience are cheaters. But how do they cheat online?

Some online game cheaters use cheat codes and hacks which is similar to game trainers. The closest manifestation of this is the auto-aim game cheat. An auto-aim hack is a software that ensures players aim at opposition players in a first-person shooter game. If you’re playing this game, you might find it hard to hit the target on your own but with this, auto-aim cheat you’ll always be on target.

Another well-known tactic is to develop command scripts called macros which automate tedious tasks. Some online-based multi-player games especially the Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPGs) which ensures that the players improve their character skills by repeatedly repeating some tasks. A game player who is skilled at macros can create an automated looping routine for his character. This is equally considered cheating because the game developers expect that players build their character skills organically by playing the game themselves.

Another interesting cheat method players use is by saving themselves both effort and time needed to develop a game character is by paying someone else to do it. They traditionally farm their game character out to someone else who normally plays the game, building up the characters abilities and stats. Once this is done, the original player resumes control.

Many modern online games allow gamers to trade in-game items like weapons. Many modern games feature an in-game economy that supports exchanges within the game world. However, some individuals have taken this practice out of the game platform and now sell these in-game items in platforms like eBay. Even though this wasn’t a big deal when the MMORPGs initially debuted, you can still find people who are selling video game items for real cash.

Most online multiplayer games have admins who hate cheaters, while others rely on the game community to police the game and report cheaters. Either way, if you’re caught cheating in online games, you’ll be banned or suspended from the game.

In some circumstances, game cheating isn’t a bad thing. It can make you keep to continue playing the game instead of giving up. It can also make you play your old video game. However, even though your computer might not care if you cheat or not, real humans might not feel the same way.

Final Words

Wow! We’ve finally come to the end of this interesting article. If you’re a passionate gamer looking for where to download game cheat codes on the internet, we hope this article helped you. We have also cleared the air surrounding the gaming world about cheats and answered some of the frequently asked questions about the game cheat, and with that, we say happy gaming!